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TOPIC: Wulin Chunqiu-Duguhong _ txt Novel Paradise

Wulin Chunqiu-Duguhong _ txt Novel Paradise 9 months 4 days ago #1206752

Li Yanhao was in a daze and immediately said, "I can't get into your house. I can also get into other houses. As long as I get into the inner city, sooner or later I will find these two enemies.." The man said, "Maybe the former one is possible, but you can't do the latter one. At that time, only a few people in my family knew about it. I only had to seal everything off. You could never find out who your hatred was. I could even expose you and stop you before you entered the inner city.." "You can stop me," said Li Yanhao. ‘ "I'm confident, I'm sure," said the man. "Why should you?" Asked Li Yanhao. The man said, I have a higher level of learning than you. Li Yanhao said, "You have a unique skill that is higher than mine. Do you know the depth of my skill? How about my skill?" "I know everything," said the man. "I don't believe it," said Li Yanhao. "Believe it or not," said the man, "I think I'm more or less kind to you. If you don't appreciate it, I can't do anything about it. Anyway, I want to advise you that it's better to settle your grievances than to settle them. You shouldn't repay them, and you shouldn't let them bring disaster to the next generation. My father is not very old. His death at this age should be regarded as atonement for his past. You've already found your mother." What else can't you let go? Li Yanhao did not speak, he was kind by nature, and felt that there was nothing wrong with the words of Master Baylor,stainless steel shower tray, but. "I've said all I have to say," said the man. "If you still refuse to let go, I'll have to let you go. You can do it now. I'll never resist." Li Yanhao did not speak and stepped behind the man. The flag-clad woman screamed to stop him. Listen to that person only: "younger sister, do not move, you cannot stop him." The woman in the flag really listened to him and didn't move, but the expression. Li Yanhao raised his right palm. "Just do it," said the man. "I won't resist. Please do it to my vital point." Li Yanhao raised his eyebrows and made a gesture to split,Time Delay Faucet, but he suddenly dropped his hand and said, "I don't want to hurt more innocent people. You give an order to let my mother and son leave safely." The man turned around and said, "Thank you, brother." Li Yanhao was stunned and blurted out, "Brother, it's you.." Yes, this man could be asking the sky. "It's me, Elder Brother," he asked Heaven. "The old man knew there would be such a disaster now, so he took me there. Now that the time has come, the old man asked me to come back. Except for the elder brother's temporary release, everything else is in the hands of the old man." It took Li Yanhao a while to come to his senses. "Brother, why didn't you say so earlier?" He asked. "The old man didn't let me say it earlier," he asked Heaven. "The old man said it was doom. What should be done is what should be done. You can't reveal the secret in advance, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Concealed Flush Valve, and you can't use manpower to save it." Li Yanhao said, "So when I went to the White Horse Temple, the old man knew about it?"? “ "No, it's even earlier," he asked Heaven. "My father knew about it more than twenty years ago." Li Yanhao said, "Fortunately, I changed my mind in time. Otherwise, I would have hurt my brother." "I know my eldest brother has a kind heart and will never let it bring disaster to the next generation," said Xunjian Tiandao. "So the crazy monk gave me a token to stop him, but I never took it out." Li Yanhao was silent for a moment and said, "Brother, your father has passed away, and the grudges of that year are over.." Xunjian Heaven said, "I should take the place of my father to accompany my eldest brother." He wants to worship again. Li Yanhao grabbed him and said, "Brother, your father has passed away. Brother, you are also kind to me. It was only your father who made enemies with the Li family. I really owe you.." "I feel uneasy when my eldest brother says that," he asked Heaven. The big girl in the flag dress rushed in angrily and said hurriedly, "No, Fujin.." Li Yanhao had a flash of inspiration in his mind, and his heart was about to crack, so he turned around and rushed out.
Xunwantian grabbed him and said, "Don't panic, Brother. The old man just fainted. I put some medicine in the tea he drank.." Li Yanhao was stunned and said, "Brother, you.." "Elder brother," said Xuntian, "I can see very clearly that the old man has been living in vain for so many years. She only hopes to see you. Now that you have come, she has nothing to miss. I expect that she will commit suicide after seeing Elder brother. I haven't seen him for more than twenty years, and she will have a lot to say. So I expect that the old man will leave a letter of suicide to Elder brother before he cuts himself off. Something can't happen to the old man, or I'll never be able to atone for my father's sins, so I put medicine in the old man's tea in advance, and the old man will faint on the table if he can't finish writing.. He looked up at the girl in the flag costume and asked, "Did Fujin faint?" Still in shock, the girl nodded and said, "Yes." Yes "It doesn't matter.." he asked. Li Yanhao couldn't help being excited and said, "Brother, I'm grateful. If I had hurt you just now, it would be my sin.." "Why are you talking about this?" He asked. "Anything I do now is to atone for my father's sins. Now.. I won't leave the elder brother. The elder brother will escort the old man out of the city. I will let them finish. After I take care of the funeral, I will rush to Jinling to find the old man. Although I am not a Buddhist, I have no intention of seeing the splendor and wealth in the official sea. We will meet in Jianghu in the future. Li Yanhao was silent for a moment and said, "Brother, then I'll take my leave." He folded his fists and turned to the layman. Xunjiantian told him behind him, "Send a message and ask them to give Fujin and Master Li a chariot." Li Yanhao is not polite. In fact,Self-closing Faucet, he can't let his mother walk out. He went to the small building and found his mother lying faintly on the table. Sure enough, there were only two lines written in a suicide note. Although there were only two lines written, there were every word of blood and tears. Li Yanhao looked at it in pain and felt a burst of gratitude for asking the sky.
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