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Chu Qiutang did not move well, this hard struggle, immediately let her body that most sensitive part of the full and Zhou Ziwei's head and face had a continuous friction, so that Chu Qiutang felt more weak all over the body, as if the body was as uncomfortable as a fire, unconsciously issued a burst of dream-like sound. Zhou Ziwei originally just happy in the heart, this just on the spur of the moment and Chu Qiutang laugh, at first really did not save what is not suitable for children's mind, but. Now when I hear the sound of Chu Qiutang, which can make people ecstatic and bone-eroding, I feel the smooth and tender feeling of the beautiful legs and buttocks in my arms. And from that part of the face.. In short, Zhou Ziwei was like a powder keg, suddenly full of blood was lit, the moment breathing became more and more rapid, the original honest hands on Chu Qiutang's thighs also began to become dishonest, first stroked the round and plump buttocks,plastic pallet supplier, then Gu Yi through the clothes and trousers to Chu Qiutang's lower abdomen somewhere forcefully blew a breath of hot air, so.. Poor Chu Qiutang immediately sent out a greasy call, the body temperature in this moment can rise at least five or six degrees, so hot that Zhou Ziwei thought she was not suddenly a high fever! And the most unbearable thing for Zhou Ziwei is. This woman is also really too sensitive, just now he just blew a breath of spoof, Chu Qiutang unexpectedly immediately produced a very strong reaction,plastic pallet manufacturer, just a moment, Zhou Ziwei clung to Chu Qiutang's lower abdomen face suddenly felt a burst of hot breath. In addition, a slightly strange smell penetrated into Zhou Ziwei's mouth and nose. Ah My young lady! You're not.. Such a big man can even wet his pants! Zhou Ziwei stared in astonishment, then reached out and pinched the slightly wet place on Chu Qiutang's trousers, and then began to tease with a bad smile on his face. Ah You You're a bad guy! Who peed his pants! You just peed your pants! Chu Qiutang was so ashamed that he had to scold him feebly. Zhou Ziwei curled his lips and said, "How hard you are talking.." Your pants are all wet. How can your pants be wet if you don't wet your pants? You said I wet my pants, but my pants are not wet at all! Feel it yourself if you don't believe me! Although Chu Qiutang knew that Zhou Ziwei was flirting with her on purpose, he was still so ashamed of Zhou Ziwei's words that his toenails were almost red. He reached out his hand and pressed Zhou Ziwei's head heavily, saying, "You little rascal, you only know how to bully me!"! You It's not like you haven't tasted it before, you can't smell it! Hum If you say I peed my pants again, plastic pallet manufacturer ,euro plastic pallet, next time I'll.. I'll really let you drink mine. Ah I'm so ashamed. It's all because of you, a bad guy! When Zhou Ziwei heard this, he laughed and said, "I did everything."? What did I do.. It seems that I haven't ***ed you yet! Are you suggesting that I should come and get you? Um. In that case, I'll do it reluctantly. Giggle Under such a tease, not only did Chu Qiutang make a little ugly in front of his lover, but in fact, Zhou Ziwei was not burning himself, so he couldn't help it any more. As soon as he raised his hand, he threw Chu Qiutang on the sofa in the living room, and then reached out to tear the skirt on his chest. "Yuck, this." The windows are still open. What if someone sees them? Although Chu Qiutang is already emotional, but as a woman is still somewhat reserved, plus just been molested by Zhou Ziwei some ruthless, at this time there are some angry with Zhou Ziwei, so he grabbed his skirt with his hand to prevent Zhou Ziwei from succeeding, while rambling to find reasons not to cooperate.
Zhou Ziwei was stupefied for a moment, turned his head and looked at the window. Then he said with a wry smile, "Sister.." We are a high-rise building here, and there are few buildings higher than this hotel in Waston City, and those buildings are not in this direction, who can see them? "You can't see it!" Chu Qiutang still said angrily, "They just went out from this window. Maybe they will come back from here later!"! If. If we were.. While they were there, they flew in. Ah In that case, I will be ashamed to see people! People know that you are a big lady-killer bullying me, but if it is not clear. I'm afraid I have to think that I, a female hooligan, am harming you, the flower of our motherland! Zhou Ziwei giggled and said, "It is you who are spoiling the flower of my motherland. This is not wrong, but.." I'm willing to let you spoil it. It's none of other people's business! Whoever likes to say anything can say it. I like to be spoiled by you. "Go.." I've never seen such a thick-skinned guy as you! Chu Qiutang threw a kind of amorous feelings-supercilious look, said: "All right." Be good. I really can't do it now. I've just finished practicing with my predecessors, and I'm sweating all over, but I haven't taken a bath yet! Wait a minute When we go to bed at night, I'll.. Can't you do whatever you want? "Really!" When Zhou Ziwei heard this, he immediately became energetic. His eyes were two-thirds bigger than usual. He almost flew out of his eyes and said excitedly, "Are you sure.." Really can let me casually. Do it? Zhou Ziwei said,collapsible pallet box, a pair of thief eyes could not help but look at Chu Qiutang's plump and round buttocks in the past, eyes with a kind of undisguised salivation, straight to see Chu Qiutang involuntarily hit a shiver.
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