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TOPIC: Wesley 135 (Treasury of Mammon)

Wesley 135 (Treasury of Mammon) 1 year 2 months ago #1206782

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It is also wrong to say that only the Swiss banks themselves know how much wealth they have. It should be said that even the banks themselves do not know how much wealth there is in the Swiss banks. Because the money is deposited in the bank, of course, the bank has a number of records, but all banks without exception have the equipment of the vault, the vault is rented to the customer to use, to store goods for the customer. The bank also did not know what the customer had put in it. The safes in the vaults are large and small. Take the smallest one for example, its size will not exceed one tenth of a cubic meter. It is impossible to estimate how much wealth there is in such a safe. Even if we know that it is full of diamonds, the value of high-quality and low-quality can be a hundred times different. If it is securities, it is even more incalculable. So the vault is the most mysterious part of the bank. How much wealth there is in it, though it must be thrilling, will never be known. Therefore, the vault must be located in the safest place in the bank, and there must be a very well-guarded passage leading to the vault. When the story began, it was within such a passage of one of Switzerland's most reputable banks. Walking in the front was a banker who could be seen at a glance. He was the manager in charge of the vault. Behind him was a tall, tall, and magnificent middle-aged man from the East? In the eyes of ordinary people, they may feel very ordinary,spill plastic pallet, but in the eyes of those who know the goods, they can see at a glance that both texture and tailoring are the best goods that can be classified as fine works of art, and their value is by no means what ordinary people can imagine. Although the bank's slogan says that customers are treated equally, it must also look at noble customers differently. The receptionist in the bank lobby, accustomed to seeing all kinds of customers, naturally developed a very sharp eye, so when the impressive middle-aged Oriental pushed open the heavy bank door and came in,drum spill containment, the receptionist greeted him at the first time. The middle-aged man also seemed to know that he was bound to receive the best treatment. When he entered the bank, he stopped. He held a rather thick walking stick. The stick stood, not looking at the bank receptionist who hurried towards him, but with his head slightly upward, as if he was looking at and admiring the architecture and decoration of the bank lobby. The bank hall was very spacious and crowded, but because everyone thought it was the temple of the wealth manager, the atmosphere was very solemn and solemn, and there was absolutely no loud noise. Even in a real temple, there would not be such a sacred atmosphere of sincere and automatic piety. The middle-aged man looked serious, and no one knew what he was thinking at this time. When the receptionist came near and said a word of welcome, the middle-aged man immediately stated the purpose of his visit to the bank: "I want to go to the Alpine Vault and open the safe." This sounds like a very common sentence, today the receptionist's attitude is even more respectful, plastic wheelie bins ,wholesale plastic pallet, repeatedly promised: "Yes!"! Yes! Sir, please follow me to the vault manager's office. The key to the words that made the receptionist take a deep breath was, of course, the "Alpine Vault." The receptionist knew that this was the most mysterious part of the whole bank. Not every Swiss bank had such a part. Only a few banks with the oldest qualifications, the best reputation, and the strongest capital had it. It is a great honor for banks to have such a special vault. The bank that has this special vault will put a special name on this vault, and in this bank, this vault is called the Alpine Vault.
Don't look at the middle-aged man at this time, casually put the name out, in fact, even the name is not a big secret, not to mention that customers who have nothing to do with the vault generally do not know the existence of such a vault, even in the bank itself, if a fairly senior staff know that although the receptionist is not senior, but because he first came into contact with the customer, The customer may come to the bank with any purpose, and he must know everything about the bank, so he knows that there is such a thing as the Alpine Vault. When he was told that the bank had such a vault, the ceremony was very grand. It was the first day when he completed his internship and became an official receptionist. There were not only his direct supervisor, the bank lobby manager, but also the vault manager, the chief security officer, and the deputy general manager of the bank, whom he seldom saw at ordinary times. What the vault manager told him was very simple. He told him that there was such a vault in the bank. If someone came and claimed to open such a vault, no matter what kind of person he was, he should be treated as the most distinguished customer of the bank and immediately taken to the vault manager's office. He did not need to do anything else. Because the scene was so grand, he was very impressed. He had worked as a receptionist for nine years, and this was the first time that a client had made such a request. He was naturally nervous and excited. In fact, he did not know what this kind of vault was all about, only that it was not trivial. Under his guidance, the two men, one after the other, entered the office of the vault manager. The receptionist stepped forward and whispered to the manager sitting behind the desk that the middle-aged man had come to the bank. As soon as the manager heard this, he stood up as if a high-voltage electricity had suddenly passed through his body, and the sunlight immediately fell on the middle-aged man, which clearly meant to examine who the other person was, but he immediately realized that he had violated the rules of the Alpine Vault by doing so. As the manager of the vault, he certainly knew all the rules of the Alpine Vault, one of which was that when someone came to ask for the opening of the Alpine Vault, the bank must not make any inquiries about the visitor,mobile garbage bin, nor should it have any doubts about the visitor, no matter what his status was, it should follow the wishes of the visitor. So it's against the rules to even look at the person and estimate whether the person is qualified to open the safe in the Alpine vault.
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